Digital Marketing v/s Traditional Marketing: The Better Medium

Digital Marketing v/s Traditional Marketing: The Better Medium

The two hulks we are going to address in this blog are forever under debate. Marketing is a crucial decision every entrepreneur needs to inculcate in their business. The wise thing to do – Keep a hefty marketing budget aside. We live in an era where more than half of the population carries out transactions on the internet, while the other half is not tech-savvy enough to process the complex functionalities. This is the prime reason behind the dwindling weightage given to the debate over digital and traditional marketing. But we have these indicators for you to fall upon and come up with a great mobile marketing strategy and digital marketing tactics when in doubt:


Traditional media can be a costly affair. Digital media, on the other hand, are affordable for even upcoming entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs as young as school-goers can afford to advertise online too! This just transcends all age and financial boundaries and makes entrepreneurship a much achievable profession for many.

Brand management

Traditional media only has limited platforms to execute an entire brand strategy on. Digital media, on the other hand, can give you an entire website instead of just a column in the newspaper; you can post content on your own pages whenever and from wherever you are, without having to wait for a mediator. Digital marketing helps you build your brand and creates a consistent image for your company, but the same process could be a costly affair when the traditional media is opted for. 

Real-time Results

With traditional media marketing, digging out results can be a tedious task and on digital media, you can see everything in real time. A number of visitors, the most active time of the day, conversion rates and bounce rates, are all those things you can get from a digital marketing campaign. When results come in real-time, there is no room for wastage.

High engagement

Interaction with your target audience is not possible with traditional media, responses need to be waited for before the next step can be taken. It can be a long process. With digital marketing, your audience can be engaged in real time! Chatbots, comments, likes, shares, etc. are some of the many engagement tactics that digital marketing exposes you to. There are good digital branding agencies in Mumbai to do that for you.

Easy Analysis and Evaluation

Google Analytics helps you in knowing what works for you and what doesn’t. If you have opted for a mobile marketing strategy, for instance, Google Analytics will help you bounce off traffic, bounce rate, conversion rate, profit and the ongoing trend of the interested audience; and all of this happens in real-time. Online marketing helps entrepreneurs stay a step ahead of those who opt for traditional marketing.

In conclusion, the obvious choice for entrepreneurs is to opt for digital marketing. However, audiences who are not tech-savvy must be targeted using traditional media. So, a smart blend of traditional and digital media marketing will give you the best results.