Digital Marketing Design Trends in 2018

Digital Marketing Design Trends in 2018

As dynamic as design is, like every year, 2018 is another one witnessing a drastic change in graphic designing trends. Surprisingly, trends from the past are taking centre-stage along with new, fresh and modern twists. Some trends comprise of 3D realms, classic photography and vivacious colour palettes. Digital branding strategy seems to be one of the most driving factors for these trends. Since we are at a position to experiment and evolve, there is so much more that can be done in this space. On that note, let’s look at all those innovations 2018 has witnessed in the world of design:

Colour Transitions

Ever since Instagram updated its logo using a gradient background, the trend has, yet again, come to life. Colour transitions were part of almost every design project back in 2007. They have very modern and diverse applications that involve a mix of vibrant, smooth, flexible and flat designs. The trend has a vast scope in terms of diversity by using bright and vivid colours in a blend of textures.

Responsive Logos

With the mobile marketing strategy on the rise, designing as per this medium has become a need, if not an option. Responsive logos easily adapt to all kinds of screen sizes. One of the main challenge designers face is making content visible on mobile-friendly logos. Creating versions of logos for various screens is the obvious and commonly used solution for this challenge.

Modern Retro Designs

These illustrations use colour palettes from the 80s and 90s and have made a sensational comeback in 2018. With a semi-flat design bringing the vintage touch to the modernized pastels, electric hues and visuals, it makes up for the perfect modern retro illustration. Most prominent personalities belong to the 80s and 90s and are also the prime target audience for most campaigns. That is why the illustrations have a combination of modern, sleek lines along with the vintage colour palettes. The prominent factor in this lies in its fluid yet clear messaging. It is the perfect blend of both worlds.

Artistic Typography

In the digital space, typography is often an extension of its mainline counterparts. Typography has never been a minute part of any design but can itself be a design. Existing fonts definitely possess a unique charm, but creating one is something else! Serifs maybe a no to many in the designing world, but it may be making a comeback since Google has an impressive collection for web designers.

3D Posts

This interesting trend has marked the inception of an era. Since there are no boundaries to one’s imagination, you can always experiment with a combination of 3D and 2D visuals. Ever since it has come to being, 3D has been moulded to fit myriads of design projects. The isometric projection has rather been intriguing because it blurs all disparities between virtual and realistic visuals. Many social marketing strategies opt for these kinds of posts. It is indeed one of the leading design trends of 2018.

Clay Animation and PaperCut Crafts

This design is formed using actual paper cuttings that are stuck using double-sided tape with the purpose of giving it some depth and a semi-flat finish. These surreal-looking images are perfect for story-telling.

Clay animation, on the other hand, is a process of using clay modelling in animation and is one of the most used forms in stop-motion designs. This malleable form gets away with its deformities while giving various aspects to the design. It is widely used in gaming, animation and videos. It may be time-consuming but is totally worth the effort.


These are also called animated photographs and have always thrived on social media and websites. Its differentiating factor lies in its ability to elevate a kind of page to another level. You do not need to be an established brand to be able to execute it with perfection. They possess the ability to grab a user’s attention for the longest time, which works wonders for most social media marketing strategies.

And that’s it! All the leading design trends of 2018 have been laid out for you, now it’s time for you to be able to execute it with finesse. Irrespective of which field you work in, you can add these trends to your marketing approach and let us know!