Developing people management skills during lockdown period

Developing people management skills during lockdown period

Despite lockdown woes, there are a lot of opportunities for one to change their personality and improve their skills. It is the perfect time to do what you love, follow a passion, and transform yourselves. Many individuals are keen on learning and developing people management skills.

There is no thumb rule for managing teams efficiently. All that one needs to do is be original, use the basic value education, and act human. Once these things are taken care of, nothing can stop a person to manage their team effectively.

Every person likes to be treated with respect and tends to shine brighter when you provide them with the opportunity to exhibit their talent, challenge them to go beyond their limits and achieve extraordinary results. There are various ways for one to develop and improve their people management skills.

Talk & stay in touch: There must be open doors of communication between teams. Regular conversations with each other helps in a better understanding, leaving less room for mistakes. A leader must learn to maintain the balance between being professional and having the right amount of personal touch with their teams to create an unbreakable bond.

Practice makes perfect: One needs to be consistently practicing. Showcasing empathy, understanding, listening, communicating, and guiding the team is not a one-time task. It needs to be implemented regularly. People management is a pure reflection of your personality and approach towards others.

Reading & experimenting: Nothing beats the perks of being an avid reader. It is crucial to read various scholarly articles, case studies, and notes to bring a change in yourself. It not just helps one to stay updated but also opens gates to experiment with new learnings on a real-time basis. “Practice without theory is more valuable than theory without practice” Marcus Quintilianus.

Learn from your own experiences: An individual can learn a lot of things from the people around them and the environment. It can be as simple as learning from your parents on managing the needs and responsibilities of everyone in the family to one’s own experiences with their bosses. Compassion for each other enables one to relate to the situation and then act accordingly.

Remote working has its own bonus. Use these tips to develop people management skills and become a people-oriented leader.

By Vrutika Dawda, Director, IdeateLabs