Capitalize on the workforce to enhance productivity during COVID period

Capitalize on the workforce to enhance productivity during COVID period

“Invest in people who invest in you” – an age-old principle which a lot of businesses practice and still consider important. People management is a complex subject. The role of an HR manager doesn’t just stop after hiring a talented candidate. In fact, it becomes crucial to chart a plan on increasing their current capabilities and skill sets to mutually benefit the individual and the organization.

Though a lot of organizations fear and sense the risk of employees leaving the workplace after receiving the required training, it is still valuable as the workforce whose growth stops and becomes stagnant proves to be dangerous and leads to failure in near future. Talent is the biggest asset of any company as it makes the environment vibrant and motivates people to think out of the box.

Investing in people and connecting with them in a meaningful way can result in long-term association and loyalty. The employees tend to have faith, appreciate the confidence and strive to showcase better performance. In the current situation, investing in the people and technology is equally important. Remote workplaces have given rise to bolster digital usage in day-to-day jobs and leave behind the traditional pattern of working.

A lot of companies are incurring losses and reduced income due to which it becomes tough to hire third party trainers. Here, the senior leadership team and management comes into picture for improving the talent and skills of their subordinates. They need to act as mentors and inspire their colleagues to set new benchmarks and achieve the organizational goals and objectives.

There are various simple ways to step forward in supporting a team and building connections with people, like scheduling one-on-one interactions, guiding them to resolve issues, brainstorming for ideas, coming up with solutions rather than blaming when things go wrong. This increases accountability, respect, and trust on both sides.

Rewards and recognition are a proven method of enhancing performance. A simple appreciation emailer or giving bonus or incentives to a good performer stimulates them to be consistent and improve their productivity over time.  It encourages the employees that their efforts are being noticed and that they are accurately performing their duties, raising their morale.

Therefore, it is essential to put efforts in understanding people, telling them that you witness their potentials and want them to excel beyond their boundaries.