Boosting Digital Marketing with PR

Boosting Digital Marketing with PR

Developing and maintaining a public relation plan seems intimidating. However, if planned with a good strategy it helps your brand grow and improve profits. There are several organizations which work independently on PR marketing, but if integrated it can boost your business.

Digital public relations make use of larger media to build brand awareness, increase visibility, thought leadership, organic ranking and generate more leads. Digital PR is combining the traditional PR and content marketing with search and social media. Digital PR helps news spread faster and more directly to a specific target audience with its multiple placements in social media, reviews, blogs, and so on.

  • Establish goals

Don’t just jump into a public relation campaign without having the knowledge of what you desire to accomplish. Determine a goal and work accordingly to ensure a targeted communication which consequently gets better responses. The common goals include creating awareness, influence & positioning, reputation, engagement, sales, etc.

These goals can be achieved through varied ways such as leveraging content or through several media tactics such as editorial coverage, influencer marketing, social networks, publicity, promotions, announcements, etc.

Some of the digital marketing tactics include increasing website traffic, sales and leads. While the content marketing goals consider revenue related objectives such as volume, profitability and frequency. Content marketing helps in publicity and media relation activities, by giving out the message and improving marketing performance.

  • Focus on the common grounds

Find out how you can use marketing tools to improve your PR and gain media coverage. Also, look forward to improving content marketing its reach and performance with PR. Some of the common ground opportunities for both digital marketing and public relations are: content planning, messaging story, content placement, social media relations with amplifications, social listening for buying signals, performance marketing data and optimized messaging.

Using these kind of development objectives help discover innovative ways of working together.

  • Build business case

After establishing the goal and knowing the common grounds the next step is building a business case with the help of collaborators. It helps showcase how digital marketing and PR integration improve achieving the business goal. Collaborated content promotes its objective with publicity, targeted ads, email promotions, social promotions, content repurposing, and optimization creates excellent value for PR and marketing.


It is very important that you target you content to proper media list as it improves the efficiency of public relations. Integrating your campaigns with public relations and marketing helps get better results.