Avoid these common digital marketing mistakes to save your business

Avoid these common digital marketing mistakes to save your business

While we know, digital marketing is the next best and biggest thing happening in the world this moment. It has been found that most of the marketing executives spend more than half of their budgets on digital advertisements rather than traditional advertisements such as radio and television. However, still many fail to achieve effective engagement as most of them are unaware of their target audience and what attracts them to the product or service they offer.

Let’s discuss some of the common digital marketing mistakes that you should avoid in order to have a successful business.

  • Pushing instead pulling

A good marketing technique is not about using push strategy to promote your product / service. You should offer your audience something that has good value in return for their business growth. In the internet age when the audience can get all about your company in a single click. It is advised that businesses maintain transparency and stop pushing their product and rather start pulling the customers.

Take up inbound content marketing technique and promote lead generation by knowing what customers want and providing them with the value and insights of your product and service. Share your knowledge and become the go-to source for your audience.

  • Building personal aspiration based buyer personas

Creating a buyer persona is one of the major parts of an inbound strategy, but many fail to get it right. While most of the time we build buyer persona based on our own aspirations, we forget they are real life people who use the product. Make sure creating buyer personas based on the needs and wants of your existing customers.

Personas play a major role in defining the type of content you create and the platforms you use to market the product and service. Thus, it all depends on getting the persona right.

  • Lack of personalization

While the inbox is loaded with unopened promotional, sales, press releases and social media mails, clearly ignoring what customer wants which is the reason they go unacknowledged.

Personalization helps you connect better. It shows that you care for your customer. Sending in a personalized note or a thank-you note once in while will only help you better your relationship with your customers.

  • Creating content that doesn’t help convert

Any great content balls down of the value of zero, if it doesn’t prompt the reader to buy the product or hit the CTA (call to action). Always ensure having customer-centric content and make sure you connect with the right person at the right time.

Create content keeping the personas in mind. It helps you remember whom you are talking to and what value will you get out of it

  • Not promoting the content

Creating content but not displaying it where the world can see, is among the major failures for the marketer. It is very important to share your content across various platforms where your audience is present and most likely to read. Automate promoting your content with your campaigns.

Schedule your content with the upcoming events and current trends to make an impact.


Avoid making these common digital marketing mistakes to escape serious troubles. Plan a complete digital marketing strategy keeping these points in mind and see the difference.