All about Meme Marketing

All about Meme Marketing

Memes are dominant on social media, and it is the most trending and viral content format on the internet. It is a part of people’s daily conversations, and it is shared enormously across platforms like Instagram and WhatsApp. Memes are widely used for entertainment and are adopted by brands and marketers to reach out to their consumers and pass on information in a quirky manner.

The term ‘meme marketing’ is now part of many marketing plans and is amplified not just by the brands that cater to youth or B2C audiences but also by a lot of B2B brands. Marketers are constantly monitoring the latest trends and happenings to amplify their communication. 

What exactly is ‘Meme Marketing’?

Meme marketing is a concept where marketers use humour as a developing concept in their marketing strategies, such form of content can go viral and trend on the internet. Meme marketing is not just a trend, but brands are coming up with innovative ways to capture their audience’s attention. So today, advertisers, creative marketers, entertainers, influencers, and almost everyone who desires to perfect their game on social media are incorporating memes to reach a wider audience.

What are the benefits of Meme Marketing?

Memes make the brand lively and are highly conversational. It amps up the online presence of the brands. Let’s understand the benefits of meme marketing:


Brand marketers allocate massive budgets on advertising and marketing, and here’s where meme marketing comes and saves the day. The only requirement is a social media enthusiast who is hungry for the latest updates and creative enough to craft memes. The popularity of memes has made it easier for creators to create buzzworthy content.

•Potential to go viral 

As mentioned earlier, memes have great potential to go viral. Almost every individual who uses social media engages and enjoys scrolling through memes because of relatable content. The number of memes created, liked, and shared counts as a deciding factor for your creation to achieve significant engagement.

•Easy to create: 

Memes are such easy concepts to grasp and learn that they can even be made on smart phones. With a hint of creativity and the use of now available marketing tools, there’s colossal space to bolster up your meme game.

How are brands making use of meme marketing?

Memes have already become an easy weapon for marketers to communicate their side of the story in a fun, creative, and interactive content form to grab their audience’s attention. Marketers certainly have taken advantage of the opportunity by using meme marketing and going viral on social media.

The meme culture in India is rapidly growing, reaching millions of people fast with their ability to be relatable. They also help brands connect with the millennials on a personal level. Based on the engagement ratio, brands like Netflix India, Zomato, Swiggy, Amazon Prime, Brand Factory, etc., always ace their meme game and stay on top of the business.

Meme marketing is a growing niche form of content for any individual trying to achieve that viral moment. All you got to do is open that creative box and create memes that will not only help you to establish your goals but also put a smile on your viewer’s face.

-By Vrutika Dawda, Director, IdeateLabs