5 Ways to strengthen your social media presence

5 Ways to strengthen your social media presence

When it comes to social media, right from the budding entrepreneurs to established companies all have their presence on numerous platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus, LinkedIn and the list is endless.

Good social media presence + huge followers = Way to skyrocketing business

While you know the formula to grow the business, but do not know the way to lead it. You do share regular posts, right? Post about your product on social media pages to grow the business, but fail to make it through. Well if you are one of those, then you are highly mistaken. Because social is not just about regular product posts, but it is about building relationships and engaging with your customers.

Let’s take a look at five ways that will help strengthen your social media presence

Content is the Key

The primary step is to provide your followers with and readers with valuable content. Ensure your page is NOT JUST about you. Promotional social media pages tend to lose audience due to its pushy approach.

If you know your target audience well, provide them with inspirational and motivational quotes. Share industry related news. Be informational and keep your reader updated about the changing trends, so that they revisit you. Create a trustworthy image with varying content to increase readers and followers, which results in bringing more customers and more money.

Focus on Organic Growth

At the start of the business getting a great number of followers on social media is difficult. Many businesses go for paid likes and followers. But it simply increases the number and not the business, it is better you simply let your followers grow naturally.

Twitter is all about looking for profiles with similar interests. Following them, retweeting their tweets and replying to their tweets to start the interaction. If you follow someone and retweet their tweets often, there is a great scope of them following you back.

Facebook is a little different as it takes quite some time to gain likes and followers. It is advised that you grow your likes and followers organically for the business. The cycle is simple, the better the content, the more engagement, and followers.

Engagement Driven Content

If you want to engage with the customers then, the foremost step is to interact. Let your readers know that you’re reading and listening to them. Talk back to them, provide them with the information they need.

Look for questions that are important for your customer base. Find out the topics that interest them. Ask questions about their likes and dislikes by simple methods like a poll. Engage them with questions like “What would you prefer Pizza or Pasta? Tell us why!” This kind of open-ended questions creates better opportunities for discussion and active participation. The more the comments on your post the more the chance of visibility of your next post.

Use social media platform to drive traffic to your blog and website.

Be Beneficial

Encourage audience participation, give away incentives like a discount code, trial pack, free book, etc. This will help you gain valuable followers who actively engage. Share and retweet posts from other brands. Interact with other brands, it is a great way to improve your presence across media platforms.

Link your Profile & Stay Connected

Link all your social media profiles to your website. Share it with your contacts to spread awareness and increase the visibility.

Create icons for social media platforms on your website and email. This will make it easier for reader and visitors to connect with you. Ask your clients to share and connect with your social network. This may help in bringing more followers and potential clients.


Having a great social media presence is very crucial for the brand for its customers. Thus, following these simple ways should help you have a strong social media presence and your business is set to blossom like a vibrant fresh flower.