5 Reasons Why You Should Advertise on LinkedIn

5 Reasons Why You Should Advertise on LinkedIn

Social media and digital advertising naturally steer one’s thoughts on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Google ads are also among the popular picks. Being the alpha platforms for social media marketing strategies, Facebook, Twitter and Google are gradually turning out to be pricey. With the kind of engagement and leads these platforms offer, the price rise is evident. However, the internet is not short of effective social media services platforms. One such underrated platform is LinkedIn.

How will LinkedIn advertising boost your brand, you ask? Nothing less than two profiles are opened every second and the media boasts of catering to more than 400 million users, who, by default become your audience too! If these points aren’t enough, we’ve got five more:

You’ll Find the Whole World There

What’s new about it, right? It is evident that the world is on this popular professional networking-cum-job-search site too and you have not leveraged it yet! If one must look for products, about 70% of them go up on the Internet to do so. With LinkedIn having 400 million users, there is no doubt that these contacts can always come in handy for your brand, right?

If You are a Seasonal Promoter

Your product probably doesn’t need to be promoted all year around. This just makes it premium, doesn’t it? When in such scenarios, you do not know when, what, why and how you can go about the whole promotional process, LinkedIn works perfectly. Four out of five of LinkedIn’s members influence decision-making and about 60% of the profiles on the platform belong to managers or leaders. Isn’t that just what you need? LinkedIn, however, may not bring in as many leads as a newsletter, for instance, but the leads that do come in will be up-to-the-mark.

Flawless Targeting

The campaigns on LinkedIn help you rope in the right people because the platform offers in-depth options for your target audience. LinkedIn also offers targeting by demographics, psychographics and geographic. It also displays ads only to those you presume are interested in your offerings. How cool is that?

Worth Every Penny

You set a minimum daily budget that you spend on your ads when it comes to LinkedIn. That budget is only $2, which is not much. However, this applies to short-term campaigns that last for a month or two. You also have the pay-per-click option, which on this platform is called pay-per-performance. So, you only pay for those who clicked and spotted your ad. If you only want people to view your ad, there is an option for that in the form of payment per impression (seen ad).

You Get What You Expect

Did you know that LinkedIn offers nine different varieties of ads? Bet you had a jaw-drop moment there. You get positioning, form and content options too! This way, you get excellent adaptability for what you advertise. It is a platform that doesn’t work on pictorial promotions but is rather content-driven. You can go ahead with a tiny article and put it out there. The platform has such vast potential that you can even transform a presentation from SlideShare into a LinkedIn ad. The LinkedIn interface allows you to create an ad in just any form on a customized spot.

Convincing enough? Will you be using LinkedIn in your next social media marketing strategy? Let us know.